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  • 04/01/2015 12:00 AM | Amy Li (Administrator)

    Starting April 1, 2015 STC Youth Leadership Camp will start accept applicants for program participants and counselors.

    Please visit http://stc-ylc.com/ for more information

    For questions of this years curriculum,  please contact (562) 695-1513 ext. 121 Keith

    or email to stcleadership@gmail.com

    Space is limited and is filled at first come first serve basis.  Don't miss it and apply early!

  • 10/22/2014 6:04 PM | Amy Li (Administrator)

    Photo Album / 照片集錦

    The 42nd Annual Buckboard Days Parade and Festival happened last Saturday.  69 floats from school, community groups and business came to participate in the parade.

    This year's float theme is "Nature in our backyard". To follow the theme, STC Foundation's float devise the float with components of "Lions" "Lotus Fairy" "The weather girls" and our "patriotic walkers", "Third Prince Team", and last but not least, "Giant Panda Lanterns", representing the creatures that's facing the results of us humans' attitude towards nature.  STC Foundation was honored 1st Place for Float and Theme.  This is this group's 5th win as 1st place! We are so proud of our participants and we can not continue to do this without your effort!
    STC FOUNDATION was established by STC Management in 2012, for the purposes of introduction, promotion and appreciation of the Asian culture and its arts. STC Foundation has dedicated itself to educate and enrich our community in addition to instill social and moral values in our younger generations.

    第42屆年度羅蘭崗馬車遊行暨園遊在上個星期六熱鬧舉辦。 69個從學校,社會團體和商業的花車前來共襄盛舉。
    今 年的遊行主題是"我們後院的大自然"。輔合主題,STC 順天聯合基金會的花車設計由"舞獅","荷花仙子","天氣女郎"和我們的"愛國步行者""電音三太子",更有"大熊貓燈籠"的組成。"大熊貓"代表了地 球上其他生靈面對著人類對自然的行為態度的後果。 STC 順天聯合基金會非常榮幸為花車主題項目的第一名。這是我們的第五有這樣的殊榮!我們很感謝我們的成員。這個的榮譽是來自你們的努力!

    STC 順天聯合基金會由STC 資產管理在2012年成立,取「順從天意,與人為善」之意,以道德為核心價值來推廣中華文化與藝術涵養,培養青少年的道德素養與正確的價值觀,同時達到文化交流的目的,並為海外華人提供瞭解中華文化之博大精深的機會
  • 04/06/2014 4:04 PM | Deleted user

    Invited by Taiwanese American Heritage Week Committee, STC Foundation along with Dance Impressions Productions (DIP) performed at the Culture Center of TECO in Houston and the Toyota Center, home of the Houston Rockets during one of their games! STC Foundation and DIP presented Taiwanese cultural performances in the form of the Electronic Third Princes in conjunction with various musical styles to present an amazing performance. Click to see the pictures




    More News 更多相關新聞


    環球通訊社: 臺灣觀光Oh! Bear全球首波超級任務 火箭臺灣日開跑

    世界日報: 台灣之夜 三太子躍NBA殿堂 尬舞

    美南新聞: 海華薪傳 舞動奇跡「順天聯合」舞群 驚豔休市

  • 03/25/2014 4:21 PM | Deleted user
    STC Foundation participated in its first Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Project for the year 2014. Following last year's Youth Leadership Camp in July, this was the second time of many future community service projects to beautify this 2 mile span of Fullerton Road. Led by President John Hsu and CEO Anne Ma, teams comprised of STC Foundation Members and their families spent 3 hours to improve our community and proudly make a part of Rowland Heights a better place!

    STC 順天聯合基金會於去年加入洛杉磯縣政府的認領道路清潔項目,近日進行了第二次時長3個小時的社區服務,在位於羅蘭崗的Fullerton 路上清掃垃圾。會長許惠欽和CEO馬淑芬老師帶領順天聯合基金會的成員和家人,大小朋友齊動手,幫我們的社區更整潔美觀!

  • 03/24/2014 11:04 AM | Deleted user

    出發至休士頓前的記者會於三月二十四日在STC Center東區第一會館舉辦,出席貴賓包括駐洛杉磯台北經濟文化辦事處處長令狐榮達、觀光局駐洛杉磯辦事處主任林信任、順天聯合基金會總裁許惠欽、總監馬淑芬、以及台灣會館代表、成岳國際物流代表等人。

    STC Foundation along with Dance Impressions Productions (DIP) has been invited by Houston to perform in the 2014 Taiwanese American Heritage Week festival at the Culture Center of TECO in Houston and the Toyota Center, home of the Houston Rockets during one of their games! STC Foundation and DIP will bring Taiwanese cultural performances in the form of the Electronic Third Princes in conjunction with various musical styles to present an amazing performance. DIP will feature award winning professional dancers performing breathtaking traditional Chinese cultural dance, and modern dance to hype up the audience and raise their spirits! 


    Before departing, a press conference was held on March 24th at STC Center with VIPs including the Director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles Bruce J. D. Linghu, Tourism Representative, Travel Section, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles Trust Lin, STC Foundation's President John Hsu, CEO Anne Ma, and representatives from Taiwan Center and Super Parcel Express.

  • 02/10/2014 9:50 AM | Amy Li
    2014 Seasons Place Lantern Festival/ Lunar New Year Event takes place in the City of Industry


    台灣房屋、朋友豐田、琉璃藥上堂、Metro Realty、Clearmist Vape、Magic Restroom Café、Bread of Life Christian Church、Rosehill等展覽攤位皆帶來豐富的資訊與解說,而艋呷、伴伴堂、King Kong café、Hugo Food、Red Pine 品立方等攤位提供了正宗台灣口味的鹹酥雞、蚵仔煎、臭豆腐、香腸、炒米粉、烤肉、波霸奶茶、青草茶等等讓人口水直流的美味小吃。在 STC 資產管理公司攤位提供的由四季新皇宮所準備的免費湯圓,更是吸引了大排長龍的人群。現場有吃有玩還有精彩的表演欣賞,讓所有與會觀眾大呼過癮。在精彩表演接二連三登場之際,穿插其中的抽獎活動更是讓所有現場朋友們的情緒沸騰。近百位的幸運得獎者抱走包括IPad Mini、高級家電、現金折價券等等幾十項大獎,現場氣氛high到最高點。

    表演精彩、美食好吃、攤位好玩,現場眾多貴賓與會出席更是讓整個活動星光閃閃,包括美國國會眾議員 Ed Royce、加州參議員 Bob Huff 夫人暨代表Mei Mei、洛杉磯縣代表 Dickie Simmons、蒙市市長 Anthony Wong、核桃市市議員 Mary Su、El Monte 市議員 J Gomez、Rosemead 市長代表、羅蘭學區主席 Heidi Gallego 等貴賓均到場祝賀致贈獎狀,與每一位現場的朋友們一起來共襄盛舉慶祝佳節,更為本活動與在美華人帶來無比的喜悅與光榮。

    Amidst the red lanterns and couplets hung ceremoniously a lively festival filled with singing, martial arts, dragon and lion dance, opera, and riddles took place at Seasons Place. With the constant influx of thousands of spectators, exhibitions, games, and food booths, this celebration marked an amazing and fun way to spend a Sunday.
    Sponsored by STC Management, STC Foundation, and Seasons Place, this year’s Lunar New Year Event was graced by booths such as Taiwan Realty, Metro Realty, Bread of Life Christian Church, Rose Hills, Clearmist Vape, Unique Family Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. D Herb, all of whom brought a wealth of information to festival goers while Hugo Food, Half and Half, iFoods Taiwanese Sausage, Monja, King Kong Café, Magic Restroom Café, and Red Pine, provided mouth watering snacks in the form of Taiwanese popcorn chicken, oyster omelets, stinky tofu, sausage, fried rice, barbecue, boba tea, etc. Green Grace Inc., Rick Caroline, Harajuku Nails, Toyota, and A Beauty and Figure Inc., all offered services, giveaways, and coupons to brighten the days of any participant. STC Management added to the joyous occasion by providing complimentary rice balls, entertainment and raffles with prizes ranging from coupons, kitchen appliance, to an iPad Mini.

    In addition to the spectacular show, many noteworthy members of Rowland Heights and its surrounding area came to participate and support this event. U.S. Congressman Ed Royce, Mei Mei representing State Senator Bob Huff, Dickie Simmons representing Don Knabe, Monterey Park Mayor Anthony Wong, member of Walnut City Council, Mary Su, El Monte City’s J. Gomez, and RUSD School District’s Heidi Gallegos all congratulated the festival and provided certificates of merit. Together, this scene of friends and family joined together to celebrate the holidays is enough to warm the hearts of anyone during this cold season.

  • 02/03/2014 10:18 AM | Amy Li

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